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About our Church

We are a Bible preaching, family-integrated Christian church.

Christ Fellowship Church …

… Believes the Bible is God’s Word and our complete guide for faith and practice.

… Believes that fellowship among the community of saints is essential, and is encouraged through weekly public worship, corporate and personal prayer for one another, showing hospitality to each other, and acts of love and kindness to each other.

… Believes we should all be disciples of Jesus Christ, and love Him, obey His commandments, and follow the Lord in personal Bible reading, memorizing, meditation, and study of the scripture.

… Believes the family unit is important in making disciples and building God’s kingdom, and families should disciple their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord Jesus Christ.

… Believes in regular meetings for public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ, where the worship is family integrated and encouraged by wholesome and conservative music and song.

… Believes spiritually qualified men are to lead the local church serving as elders and deacons and be examples to the flock as servant leaders in word and deed.